Why Many Women Suffer from Pain During Sex

Why Many Women Suffer from Pain During Sex?

It is the nicest thing in the world, but the pain does not have to be during sex – but many women suffer from it. Mental and physical illnesses can trigger this.

There are those days when sex is just not fun. The menstruation is imminent, the woman does not get wet or is simply tense. This can also lead to physical pain. With some women, this problem occurs more often: Sexual intercourse is regularly associated with pain and becomes a real burden. In cases like these, doctors speak of so-called dyspareunia, a pain disorder in women.


Different causes

The reasons why the penetration of the partner causes an uncomfortable feeling in the woman are as varied as the type of pain. A distinction must be made here between physical and psychological factors, which can also determine each other. If the problems only occur very rarely and do not burden the woman permanently, it may actually be due to temporary disaffections or, for example, the uncomfortable feeling before menstruation. In the event of persistent or recurring pain, a doctor should definitely be consulted.


Physical factors

The expert will usually examine the patient for various diseases. A vaginal yeast infection, which is often accompanied by burning and redness, or a bladder infection, which can cause a pressing pain, can be responsible for the discomfort. The insufficient moistening of the vagina can make penetration of the partner uncomfortable. In rare cases, the vaginal entrance is too narrow or the uterus is bent backwards instead of forwards – a so-called “fixed backwards bend”. Scars in the genital area, inflammation or cysts on the ovaries can also cause pain. Also, tumours in the genital area are to be named as a possible cause – but no reason to assume the worst if painful sex is involved. The doctor can often give the all-clear or treat fungal and bacterial diseases easily. Also, hormonal changes such as pregnancy or menopause can have an impact.


Psychological factors

Not to be underestimated are the psychosomatic or psychological reasons that can cause pain during sex. Many women react very sensitively to stress or arguments with their partner – as a result, they do not get wet despite stimulation or, for example, are so tense that sex becomes uncomfortable. Even negative experiences with sexual activity can be a cause. One phenomenon is vaginismus: Affected women have such severe vaginal cramps even before sex that penetration by the partner is often not possible – or only with pain. Depression can also affect how you feel.


Searching for help

Whether physical or psychological factors or a combination of both: There are many therapy and treatment methods available, from medication to psychotherapy – depending on the diagnosis. It is important to include the partner in order not to increase the level of suffering in the relationship. And going to the doctor is also important because a permanent solution can often be found.

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