What Can You Do Yourself Against Pain During Sex

What Can You Do Yourself Against Pain During Sex

If you have pain before, during, or after sex, it is always better to have the whole thing checked out by a doctor. Because even if there is usually a quite harmless cause behind it, the doctor can at least calm you down and thus contribute to the relaxation of the situation. If it is a symptom that needs to be treated, appropriate creams or other drugs can help, with which inflammation and the like can easily be eliminated.

Even cysts and fibroids can often be treated with medication, and surgery may only be necessary in severe cases. You can’t avoid it even with a real penile fracture.

But those affected can also help themselves. For example, if the pain only occurs during certain positions, it makes sense to switch to other types of play in the future. For dry and sensitive skin in the intimate area, Sitz baths with chamomile and lubricating creams sometimes work wonders when there is a lack of vaginal fluid. If stress is responsible for the frustration in bed, relaxation techniques such as yoga and tai chi and intimate gymnastics can help, but sometimes a hot bath is enough to calm the tense nerves again.

Pain during sex: what you should do


Chamomile is not only suitable as a tea but can also be used as a hip bath to relieve irritation in the genital area.


In any case, it is important to speak openly with your partner about the difficulties and to look for a solution together. However, enduring the pain and figuring out the problem with yourself can create additional pressure that only makes the situation worse.

Conclusion:  pain during sex can have a variety of causes. The good news: Most are relatively harmless and easy to treat. Sometimes, however, there is no getting around the doctor. Either way, it makes sense to have pain clarified and above all to speak openly with your partner about the problem.

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