Vaginal atrophy

Vaginal atrophy? Here is the solution

The irritation, sense of burning and itching, and even ache throughout sexual activity are well-known situations for a lot of girls in menopause. The rationale? The so-called vulvovaginal atrophy. In observe, it’s a progressive modification of the construction of the vaginal tissue as a consequence of the lack of elasticity of the tissues as a consequence of age and, above all, on account of estrogen deficiency. With the arrival of menopause, the truth is, the ovaries cease producing the feminine hormones that usually permit the vaginal tissue to be lubricated and nourished: their absence thus makes the vaginal mucosa extra delicate and skinny, and subsequently irritable and vulnerable to traumas. Though the dysfunction impacts one in two postmenopausal girls, the situation remains to be poorly understood: many sufferers have no idea that vaginal atrophy is linked to estrogen deficiency in menopause and that the situation, if not handled, is destined to worsen. In line with latest statistics, 6 out of 10 girls suppose that the issue will in the end move with age.



Extra particularly, the lack of turgor and hydration produces drynesslaxity with bleeding of the vaginal mucosa with penalties on the genital sensations throughout intercourse. This in flip can produce a lack of need and problem reaching orgasm. As well as, a shift in vaginal pH can happen in direction of larger values ​​than regular (which is between 4.5 and 5.5): this causes dysregulation of the vaginal ecosystem with a reducing of the native immune defenses and, subsequently, recurrent cystitis, mycosis and bacterial vaginitis. Moreover, the situation negatively impacts the standard of lifetime of the girl, who will are likely to keep away from intimacy: sadly, nonetheless, the aversion to relationships causes emotions of rejection within the accomplice and recurrent quarrels that may trigger critical couple crises.

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In fact, there are therapies to alleviate the signs of vulvovaginal atrophy: for instance, systemic hormone alternative remedy or native vaginal estrogen remedy. However that is not all: these remedies, which the gynecologist prescribes, are accompanied by non-hormonal lubricants and lots of native therapies, together with pure ones, which assure an enchancment in vaginal trophism and a discount in signs. For instance, lotions primarily based on hyaluronic acid and plant-based elements favor the repairing processes of microlesions and wounds of the vulvovaginal epithelium. These treatments convey the correct amount of water to the tissues, serving to to alleviate drynessirritation and irritation. Thus it improves the elasticity and tone of the vaginal tissues and a moist and lubricated atmosphere is restored. Immediately the vary of native therapies is huge: on this approach, even girls who can not use estrogen, as a consequence of earlier pathologies, can discover reduction.

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