Pain During Sex: 4 Tips For Women 50 Plus

Pain During Sex: 4 Tips For Women 50 Plus

Love and tenderness are a basic need for women and men of all ages and an important basis for happy partnerships. But even with the greatest mutual affection, pleasure for one another can be lost if pain occurs during sex.

So-called dyspareunia can occur in both sexes, but women during and after the menopause are particularly affected. Because almost every second then suffers from Vaginal dryness, which can cause burning and pain when being intimate with a partner.


Tip 1: Pain during sex doesn’t have to be

For those affected, this is often multiple burdens: Not only do they lose the fun of the most beautiful trivial matter in the world, their self-confidence also quickly slips into the basement. Because in addition to the general burden of getting older, there is also the feeling of not being “completely woman”. The relationship with the partner can also suffer if the woman withdraws from the love life and repeatedly rejects approaches.

Since the subject of sexual complaints is still heavily taboo, the pain during sex is often not discussed. Then the whole relationship can quickly get into trouble. To maintain lust and love after menopause, women should therefore seek medical advice if they have problems. Because remedial action is almost always possible.


Tip 2: Compensate for lack of estrogen

Pain during sex in women can have different causes: So come  Infections with fungi or bacteria, genital herpes, growths of the uterine lining (endometriosis) and also mental problems are in question. In women over the age of 50, however, the problem is often based on a basically harmless and natural development: the Decline in estrogen production during menopause. In addition to many other things, the female sex hormone is also responsible for the moisture and healthy structure of the vaginal skin. A lack of estrogen can therefore have serious consequences for your love life.

Tip 3: treat pain during sex locally

The local hormone deficiency makes the vaginal skin thinner, drier and less elastic – doctors speak of vaginal atrophy. Mechanical stress can quickly lead to minor injuries and bleeding and thus to pain during sex.

The problem can often be remedied relatively easily: the gynaecologist can prescribe a local estriol treatment, which can balance the hormone status again and ensure better blood circulation, elasticity and moisture formation. The lowest hormone doses are sufficient, for example in vaginal suppositories. This dosage is 16 times lower than usual, but studies have shown that it is completely sufficient.


Tip 4: keep the vaginal flora healthy

Local estriol therapy can also have a beneficial effect on the composition of the vaginal flora. Normally this is dominated by protective lactic acid bacteria (lactobacilli), which ensure an acidic pH value and keep pathogens in check. Due to the hormonal changes, the colonization with lactobacilli often declines and mixed flora forms, which also contains various intestinal bacteria.


At the same time, the pH value rises. This promotes infections, which can also lead to pain during sex, and bladder infections can also occur more frequently. If the vaginal environment is brought into equilibrium and stabilized by the treatment, the resistance to attacks by unwanted fungi and bacteria increases again.

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