tips for relieving pain during sex

The seven best intimate tips for relieving pain during sex

Virtually each third girl experiences intercourse as painful. Denise Egli, our specialist in pelvic flooring well being, offers ideas in order that lovemaking does not instantly flip into bodily torture.

1. Relaxed vaginal coaching

Ache throughout sexual activity is commonly related to elevated pelvic flooring stress and extreme stress within the pelvic flooring muscular tissues throughout sexual arousal. Vaginal coaching ensures that the pelvic flooring may be managed extra particularly and consciously.


  1. Step of vaginal coaching: take a snug place – chill out. The Raya – the private therapeutic massage system – solely stimulates the vagina externally. The pelvic flooring muscular tissues chill out because of the light vibration. The vagina turns into softer, moister, and extra elastic.
  2. Step of vaginal coaching: The vagina is now properly ready. Inserting the Raya along with the Intimina lubricant is now a lot simpler. Proceed gently and slowly. Do not put your self beneath strain.

2. The optimum lubricant

A very powerful factor is the correct lubricant. It makes insertion simpler, will increase lubricity, moisturizes the mucous membrane, and reduces friction and irritation. Be it for painless intercourse or throughout vaginal and pelvic flooring coaching.


Intimina lubricant is water-based and enriched with aloe vera. It donates moisture and adapts completely to the pure pH worth of the vagina.

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Use Intimina lubricant generously when making love, when coaching with the Raya or KegelSmart.

3. Make the pelvic flooring a superb pal

The vagina is embedded within the pelvic flooring. If the vagina closes when making an attempt to insert one thing, the pelvic flooring muscular tissues, that are too tight, are accountable. The vagina turns into tight, it burns or it hurts. Rigidity and aware leisure are a matter of apply. It is very important regain management of the love muscular tissues step-by-step.


A each day 5-minute coaching session with the KegelSmart, the private coach for the pelvic flooring. This improves the notion of the pelvic flooring. When it vibrates, the pelvic flooring turns into tense. When the vibration stops, he’s launched and allowed to chill out.

Pelvisuisse physiotherapists supply particular person therapy choices and beneficial on a regular basis ideas. They’re the specialists in the case of pelvic flooring issues. Don’t be afraid to hunt assist from a specialist.

4. Rest as an alternative of stress

Stress-intensive efficiency and life-style habits not solely enhance the essential stress within the pelvic flooring, however usually even the muscular tissues of the entire physique change into tense. The purpose is to seek out the stability between stress and leisure.


Deep, relaxed stomach respiration releases stress within the physique. Whereas sitting, take an upright place – maintain your again and head as straight as attainable – let your shoulders grasp down loosely – shut your eyes – place one hand in your abdomen – breathe slowly and consciously into your abdomen in order that the stomach wall strikes whenever you inhale and exhale.

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The relief approach Progressive Muscle Rest in line with Jacobson helps with common use to change off inside a short while.

5. Discuss to the associate

{Couples} tackling this problem collectively may be rather more open about issues that different {couples} do not even dare to consider. Discover out your preferences, needs, or wants collectively. It will not be straightforward at first, however it’s extremely liberating and intensifies the connection and intercourse life.


Take your time each. Discover your individual physique and that of your associate extensively.

In intercourse remedy, a pair can trade and categorical themselves significantly better. For a lot of {couples}, it’s a aid to have a spot the place they are often taken significantly and speak brazenly.

6. Dry vagina – the pleasure killer

Hormonal fluctuations after giving delivery, throughout breastfeeding, throughout or after menopause can result in inadequate vaginal moisture. There’s plenty of friction throughout intercourse. The dry mucous membrane of the vagina turns into irritated and an uncomfortable feeling of soreness develops.


Clear the dry intimate space each day with lukewarm water or with slightly intimate washing lotion, which helps the pure flora of the vaginal mucous membrane. Then look after all the vaginal space with an intimate care cream primarily based on sea buckthorn oil.

Embody cold-pressed oils reminiscent of rapeseed, olive or linseed oil for the chilly kitchen within the menu daily. Deal with the dry mucous membranes to a treatment with sea buckthorn oil capsules for 4 to 6 months.

7. Underwear and Co.

Underwear manufactured from pure fibers that’s not too tight permits the delicate vaginal area to breathe sufficiently and prevents disagreeable friction.

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Put on ethereal, loose-fitting cotton underwear to keep away from irritation. Coloured underwear usually comprises irritating substances. Use cotton panty liners with out deodorant, unbleached and undyed rest room paper.

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