tips for relieving pain during sex

The seven best intimate tips for relieving pain during sex

Almost every third woman experiences sex as painful. Denise Egli, our specialist in pelvic floor health, gives tips so that lovemaking doesn’t suddenly turn into physical torture.

1. Relaxed vaginal training

Pain during sexual intercourse is often associated with increased pelvic floor tension and excessive tension in the pelvic floor muscles during sexual arousal. Vaginal training ensures that the pelvic floor can be controlled more specifically and consciously.


  1. Step of vaginal training: take a comfortable position – relax. The Raya – the personal massage device – only stimulates the vagina externally. The pelvic floor muscles relax due to the gentle vibration. The vagina becomes softer, moister, and more elastic.
  2. Step of vaginal training: The vagina is now well prepared. Inserting the Raya together with the Intimina lubricant is now much easier. Proceed gently and slowly. Don’t put yourself under pressure.

2. The optimal lubricant

The most important thing is the right lubricant. It makes insertion easier, increases lubricity, moisturizes the mucous membrane, and reduces friction and irritation. Be it for painless sex or during vaginal and pelvic floor training.


Intimina lubricant is water-based and enriched with aloe vera. It donates moisture and adapts perfectly to the natural pH value of the vagina.

Use Intimina lubricant generously when making love, when training with the Raya or KegelSmart.

3. Make the pelvic floor a good friend

The vagina is embedded in the pelvic floor. If the vagina closes when trying to insert something, the pelvic floor muscles, which are too tight, are responsible. The vagina becomes tight, it burns or it hurts. Tension and conscious relaxation are a matter of practice. It is important to regain control of the love muscles step by step.


A daily 5-minute training session with the KegelSmart, the personal trainer for the pelvic floor. This improves the perception of the pelvic floor. When it vibrates, the pelvic floor becomes tense. When the vibration stops, he is released and allowed to relax.

Pelvisuisse physiotherapists offer individual treatment options and valuable everyday tips. They are the specialists when it comes to pelvic floor problems. Do not be afraid to seek help from a specialist.

4. Relaxation instead of stress

Stress-intensive performance and lifestyle habits not only increase the basic tension in the pelvic floor, but often even the muscles of the whole body become tense. The aim is to find the balance between stress and relaxation.


Deep, relaxed abdominal breathing releases tension in the body. While sitting, take an upright position – keep your back and head as straight as possible – let your shoulders hang down loosely – close your eyes – place one hand on your stomach – breathe slowly and consciously into your stomach so that the abdominal wall moves when you inhale and exhale.

The relaxation technique Progressive Muscle Relaxation according to Jacobson helps with regular use to switch off within a short time.

5. Talk to the partner

Couples tackling this issue together can be much more open about things that other couples don’t even dare to think about. Find out your preferences, wishes, or needs together. It may not be easy at first, but it is incredibly liberating and intensifies the relationship and sex life.


Take your time both. Explore your own body and that of your partner extensively.

In sex therapy, a couple can exchange and express themselves much better. For many couples, it is a relief to have a place where they can be taken seriously and talk openly.

6. Dry vagina – the pleasure killer

Hormonal fluctuations after giving birth, during breastfeeding, during or after menopause can lead to insufficient vaginal moisture. There is a lot of friction during intercourse. The dry mucous membrane of the vagina becomes irritated and an uncomfortable feeling of soreness develops.


Clean the dry intimate area daily with lukewarm water or with a little intimate washing lotion, which supports the natural flora of the vaginal mucous membrane. Then care for the entire vaginal area with an intimate care cream based on sea buckthorn oil.

Include cold-pressed oils such as rapeseed, olive or linseed oil for the cold kitchen in the menu every day. Treat the dry mucous membranes to a cure with sea buckthorn oil capsules for four to six months.

7. Underwear and Co.

Underwear made of natural fibers that is not too tight allows the sensitive vaginal region to breathe sufficiently and prevents unpleasant friction.


Wear airy, loose-fitting cotton underwear to avoid irritation. Colored underwear often contains irritating substances. Use cotton panty liners without deodorant, unbleached and undyed toilet paper.

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