4 Tips For Pain During Sex For Women

Every woman can face the sexual problems related to this delicate phase with the supervision of her Doctor, including advice and remedies on painful intercourse, decreased libido, or any other difficulty, even emotional.


So here are 4 tips to better enjoy this delicate moment.

# 1 Keep hormonal upsets in check

Always with the support of the Doctor, you can choose different approaches to control the fluctuations and hormonal changes in menopause including:

  • The hormone replacement therapy (HRT);
  • Natural remedies such as phytoestrogens extracted from soy and red clover and black cohosh ;
  • Therapies and supports to modulate androgen levels.

These approaches allow controlling the hormonal causes at the base of various physical and mental changes that would determine the “famous” painful intercourse in menopause, the drop in libido, orgasm sedation, and mood swings that can affect intimacy.

# 2 Prevent problems related to vaginal dryness

Vaginal dryness is a problem linked to menopause but also to advancing age that can be controlled with the support of lubricants, gels, or oils indicating to avoid pain on penetration and prevent friction that can promote burns or lesions of the vaginal mucosa weakened by the drop in hormones.

# 3 Rekindle the libido with some herbal extracts

From ginseng to damiana or maca, nature offers several herbal extracts that can rekindle sexual desire in women, while also helping her to cope with the stress of change.

# 4 Keep the vaginal environment in balance

The vaginal microbiome is made up of lactobacilli and other symbiotic bacteria, and its balance can change in menopause.

This is evidenced by the increase in vaginal pH, which requires the use of intimate cleansers suitable to maintain the balance of this environment to prevent vaginosis, candidiasis, and even urinary problems that can negatively affect genital and sexual health.

The main causes of sexual problems in menopause

In this infographic, the predisposingprecipitating, and maintaining factors of sexual problems in menopause are listed.


Whatever the sexual problem, sharing is the watchword

share EVERYTHING with your partner

To overcome any sexual problem, the important thing is to share EVERYTHING with your partner.

And never underestimate the physical and mental symptomsbetter to talk about it immediately, whatever the problem: pain on penetration, burning during intercourse, decreased libido, loss of self-esteem, and any other brake on one’s sexuality.

Peaceful sex life after menopause is important to ensure every woman’s physical, mental, and emotional health and well-being.

Intimacy is a sphere of one’s personal life and of the couple that must be preserved, in the awareness that the change in sexual relations in menopause also represents a moment to share with one’s partner.

It is about the opportunity to face change together and discover a newmore mature, and engaging sexuality.

In addition, the increase of ‘ life expectancy also lengthens the sexual one of each pair, which with the passage of time must ensure a’ satisfactory intimacy. This today, is even easier, thanks to all the solutions and supports available to overcome the different types of problems.

There is no doubt, therefore, that serene and fulfilling sex life, free of pain, emotional, and psychic restraints is essential for the health of every woman over 50. You just need to take care of your personal and couple well-being, sharing everything with the Doctor and your partner.

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