Painful Sex During Pregnancy

Painful Sex During Pregnancy – How to cope with it?

Painful sex during pregnancy is a common complaint. If you are pregnant and experiencing pain during sex, then it is not something you should ignore.


What Causes Sex Painful During Pregnancy?

Pregnancy is a time of joy and anticipation. But for some women, it can also bring on painful sex. Some women experience vaginal dryness, which makes sex uncomfortable or even painful. Others may experience changes in their hormones that cause discomfort and/or pain during sex.

During pregnancy, this can be caused by a number of things including the size of your baby bump, hormonal changes or your vagina stretching to accommodate a growing uterus. Painful intercourse can also result from a condition called pelvic girdle pain (PGP) syndrome, which is caused by the weight of the baby on the mother’s pelvis and back muscles.

If you’re expecting, chances are that your body’s hormones are to blame. That’s because pregnancy lowers estrogen levels in the body, which may cause vaginal dryness or irritation and make sex feel uncomfortable.

Add to that increased weight gain from eating for two and lower blood flow due to constricted arteries – all of which can lead to pain during intercourse – there’s no surprise why sex might not be as enjoyable for pregnant women!


Treatment for Painful Sex During Pregnancy

Pregnancy brings on many changes, and the pain of sex is not one to be overlooked. It’s a common issue that can happen in any trimester, but it’s especially painful during the third because of all the extra weight you’re carrying around.

What most people don’t know is that there are treatments for this condition! The first thing your doctor will do is take a look at what you’re doing wrong – if he/she finds anything they’ll give you some tips on how to position yourself so sex doesn’t hurt as much or offer other remedies like using lubricant or numbing medicine. If none of these work, then they may prescribe something stronger like lidocaine jelly which has been shown to be very effective.


How to Cope with Painful Sex During Pregnancy

The best way to get rid of painful sex during pregnancy is to consult with your doctor who can help you in the best way possible!

But before that, you may want to cope with the current situation. The best scientific evidence-based way to avoid painful sex during pregnancy is with vaginal moisturizing. Lubricating your vagina with natural sugars and fats, like those found in the natural foods you eat on a regular basis, will help lessen any pain you might have during sex.


Best Lubricants For Sex During Pregnancy

Before you purchase or use these products, it is recommended to consult with your doctor. Though water based lubricants are safe for use during pregnancy but it is crucial to know whether the ingredients in the products are safe for you or your baby.


1. KY Jelly Water Based Lubricant

KY Jelly Water Based Lubricant

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KY Jelly heightens sexual pleasure by complementing personal moisture to help ensure lubrication and comfort during sex. This water based lube is great for everyday use and the best lube for sensitive skin as it’s super gentle. If you suffer from postmenopausal dryness or vaginal dryness, KY Jelly will ease any discomfort during sex.


2. Lubido Original Water Based Lube

Lubido Original Water Based Lube

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Lubido is the perfect personal lubricant for anyone exploring. While it’s vegan-friendly, paraben free and condom safe, Lubido has been formulated to give you more than your needs from a water-based lube – in fact this formula will have you immersed deep within its silky smooth texture!


3. Durex Water Based Lube

Durex Water Based Lube

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This Durex water based lube is made with 100% natural ingredients and designed to make sex feel even more smooth. The gentle water-based formula has no added fragrance or colors, pH friendly, and works gently with your body for comfort that feels totally natural. Gentle enough even for those who have sensitive skin, this water based formula has neither smell nor any oils in order not to cause discomfort down there.


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