Painful intercourse: what if it was vaginismus?

Do you suffer during sex, making vaginal penetration painful and sometimes even impossible? We tell you all about vaginismus.

All about vaginismus

Do you have difficult sex that hinders the development of your sexuality  ? A vaginal penetration painful or impossible? It may be vaginismus. This sexual disorder puts a strain on sex life not only for women but also for their partner. We don’t talk about it enough, yet it is a fact that affects many women today. Those with vaginismus find it hard to talk about it out of fear or shame. We lift the veil on this phenomenon.

Vaginismus, what is it?

The vaginismus is a disorder psychic behaviour sex that results in a reflex contraction of the perineal muscles of the genital feminine. It thus causes a more or less strong pain during the penetration of the penis. There are two types of vaginismusprimary vaginismus and secondary vaginismus.

The primary vaginismus is a case that has existed since the body of the woman started her sex life. It can have different causes like not knowing about the female body or bad information about sexuality, psychological disorderfear of sex, etc. It also happens that it is a physical problem of the woman which is constituted by a hymen which is very tight.

The secondary vaginismus, meanwhile, appears only after a normal sex life, or at least without regard to vaginal penetration. Most often it occurs as a result of dyspareuniapain during sex. The fear of feeling these pains again causes the body to create a reflex to defend itself. Automatically, the muscles retract upon intromission of the penis to prevent it from entering the vagina. Other situations can also cause secondary vaginismus such as stress, professional or emotional problems, etc.


What could be the consequences?

The first consequence of vaginismus is the pain felt during intercourse, especially if you force penetration. The strength of this pain varies, it can be very intense or it can be bearable. In any case, it creates a vicious circle, in the sense that vaginismus causes pain in the vagina and the fear of this pain results in even stronger vaginismus.

The vaginismus also attacks the woman psychologically because it creates frustration and stress. It also has negative repercussions on her self-confidence, on her ability and especially prevents her from feeling pleasure during sex.

This sexual disorder is also harmful to the life of a couple because the contraction of the vaginal muscles prevents any sexual act. The woman, frustrated by fear, cannot satisfy her desires or satisfy her partner’s desires. This will generate tensions within the couple. In addition, for those who suffer from primary vaginismus, they may have an inability to conceive a child due to the fact that there is no possible penetration.


When to consult?

Many women are silent about this problem they are experiencing, thinking that it is not a real problem, or else out of shame. However, vaginismus affects more women contrary to what one might well believe. The consultation is very necessary.

Many women with vaginismus do not take the initiative to see a gynaecologist or psychologist for years afterwards. It is especially for treatments when they want to have a child. However, we must not wait to decide. From the moment the pain is felt during the penetration of the vagina, it is necessary to see a sexologist, a gynaecologist or a doctor for a gynaecological examination and to undergo treatment. Keep in mind that pain during intercourse is absolutely not normal, apart from the first sexual intercourse.


Solutions and treatments for vaginismus

Rest assured ladies, according to studies, vaginismus is cured in 95% of cases and you feel pleasure again during sex. The solutions are simple. For vaginismus with psychological causes, consulting a sex therapist or psychologist is ideal. This, although you may as well learn to relax your perivaginal muscles on your own. Remember to dig into the source of the blockage to find the right solution. The treatment is done in a few sessions with the psychologist or sexologist. It aims to learn to relax and become aware of the vagina.

For vaginismus with physical causes, a pelvic exam is helpful and then medical treatment.

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