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Painful Intercourse Post Menopause

The body changes quite a bit once we begin to go through menopause. Most women begin to feel less energy, notice increased physical signs of aging, and may experience a reduced sex drive. One thing all women have is the reduction of their period that eventually leads to its cessation.

Older couple

Experiencing painful intercourse do to menopause is not uncommon. As many as 45% of women experience this medical issue sometime during menopause and after.

The Main Cause: Estrogen Levels Fall

Estrogen levels decline before, during, and after menopause. Estrogen is any hormone associated with assigning female characteristics and function to the human body. It is responsible for your breasts and feminine facial features, along with many other characteristics about you.

It sky rockets during puberty and slowly settles in our child bearing years. Once our child bearing years are over, a steady decline in levels happens.

No female body is completely without estrogen. Our ovaries and a few other glands in our body will continue to make it throughout our lifetime. It’s just not in the highest amount once menopause is reached.

The vagina will begin to lose its firmness and elasticity as aging occurs in some people. Other people experience tightening up of the vagina that can be painful while having sex. Partly, painful intercourse post menopause due to vaginal tightness can be caused by a reduced sex drive. The vagina dilates when we become excited about sex.

Another reason for painful intercourse post menopause can be due to the thinning of the vaginal walls. It is easier to experience rips and tears that can make intercourse painful. Some women experience dryness from a lack of lubrication. This makes the vagina and vulva more prone to ripping and tearing, thus resulting in irritation and bleeding.


Lubrication – A water-based lubricant may help ease some of the discomfort felt during intercourse after menopause. It’s important to make sure the lubricant is water based. An oil based one can encourage unhealthy bacteria to grow.

Gentleness – Have your partner be more gentle during intercourse. This can include more foreplay and going slower in the final event. Communicate any and all discomfort felt during intercourse. Your partner will be happy to discuss solutions with you.

Engage In Love Making Frequently – Those who experience vaginal tightness may have a higher level of comfort if their vagina is penetrated more frequently. With that in mind, the vaginal does not permanently stretch due to sexual intercourse. It may temporarily do so if sex is had more often.

Hormonal Replacement Therapy – Some women find added benefit to having hormonal replacement therapy. Hormonal replacement therapy may give you more energy and counteract some of the sexual dysfunction caused by a reduced libido. It’s important that you contact a doctor for a proper prescription. Purchasing this hormone illegally can be dangerous.

The Bottom Line

While having effects from menopause are inevitable, it’s possible you won’t experience this problem. If it occurs, there are solutions that will help you take control of your love life. It’s important to get to the root of the problem before deciding to take action.