Pain During Equestrian Position

Pain During Equestrian Position? This is how you avoid pain

The equestrian position is one of the particularly popular sex positions for men and women. When the woman is on top during sex, the man below her can feel pampered. And the partner has the opportunity to control all movements and to choose the perfect angle for the in and out of his penis herself.


Pain in equestrian position: It can hurt too deeply

But of course: the man can “interfere” with his pelvic movements in your movement sequences. That can be a relief, because the woman does not have to put herself into everything for the movement sequences alone. But it can also be annoying. Especially if this causes the penis to penetrate too deeply into the vagina. Because there it hits the cervix, which some women find very uncomfortable.


Often men don’t know anything about it

But many men do not know this and are initially happy that they can “stick the penis really deep” into their partner. And she thinks: Oh. Please do not. That’s too blatantOften the women don’t say anything and he logically sticks to what he thinks is great.

So it is either important to pour the partner pure wine and ask them to be careful. Or – in the case of the equestrian position – set the tone and let him know: just sit back. Only I do the movement. That’s the best way for me right now.

Later you can tell in peace that “deep” is not always the best. So that there is no need to keep talking about it in other positions, both can agree on a sign. In the event that it happens unintentionally again.


Possible cause of pain in the equestrian position: cervix 

The position and hardness of the cervix vary in the cycle. The sensitivity of this region can also change in the period between one rule and the next. With a little mindfulness, it may even be possible to find out when and how this affects sex.


The man can also have pain in the equestrian position

It is not always just women for whom something is “too sensitive”. Men too are dependent on women not being too impetuous with their best piece.

Think of Dieter Bohlen’s famous fracture of the penis. That happened in the equestrian position.

Because if the woman exerts too much pressure on the penis with too much swing, the erectile tissue can tear. And that must be treated IMMEDIATELY to avoid impotence. Bohlen is said to have made it. Or micro-injuries can occur that can lead to penile curvature years later.

So always be careful that the penis has a chance to slide properly into the vagina. With momentum off and violently slipped away can also cause real problems and pain for the man. Therefore women do not have to touch the penis with kid gloves. But even the hardest erection is not able to withstand unlimited stress.


Pain during sex? Please don’t hold out!

For everyone who is not into Sado-Maso, it should be very clear: No position should cause pain. Nobody has to endure anything during sex. After all, there is enough choice of positions that can still be tried and which is perhaps more pleasant.

If a position is out of the question because it feels bad, it may therefore be deleted from the repertoire. That goes for both men and women!

But mostly it’s the women who don’t keep their own boundaries enough here. Too many women still go through pain during sex. Because they don’t want to be “stupid”, because “he really likes it” or because they don’t dare and are ashamed to say something.

None of this has to be. Because you can be sure: Any man would say if something hurts him during sex and he will stop immediately. There is NO reason why this should not apply to women as well.

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