Natural remedies to treat dyspareunia

Natural Remedies to Treat Dyspareunia

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Even from the natural world, there are some remedies that can alleviate the ailment. Practicing yoga, for example, can be a cure-all. Thanks to different postures, breathing, meditation, stress, and anxiety are reduced and consequently, also hormonal imbalances could be the cause of dyspareunia.

Even Ayurvedic medicine can restore the balance between body and mind. Massage, meditation, and stretching can be beneficial.

Some changes to your sexual routine with your partner can help reduce pain.

Changing the position during intercourse can help reduce pain in the cervix and pelvic floor, the muscles of which can be affected by cramps. Women can ask their partner to adjust the depth of penetration.

It is important to communicate with the partner to talk about the pain you feel and how you could do to reduce it also thanks to his collaboration.

Sometimes the pains can be related to poor natural lubrication of the vagina. To increase it, experts recommend prolonging foreplay and reaching penetration only when lubrication is sufficient. In some cases, it may be useful to use a lubricant.

Among the natural remedies from this point of view, it is possible to resort to biological lubricants based on aloe vera gel that does not contain irritating substances.

In some cases, the pains during sexual intercourse are not related to physical disorders but to problems of the emotional sphere, which can for example include traumatic situations, violence suffered by the woman in the past and not only.

In these very delicate cases, it could be useful for the partners to undergo a couple of therapy or the single person could benefit from a consultation with a specialist in the emotional sexual sphere.

The pain could be linked to a deep trauma of the past that with the help of an expert you will be able to communicate and overcome, with benefits for both the emotional life and the intimate sphere.

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