Have you been suffering from painful intercourse?

Pain while having sex is easily the most sensitive problem amongst women that the majority of them feel it difficult to see a health care provider. But this could be treated since the reason could be some physical illness.

Since a lady plays an important section of the whole reproduction process right beginning from the formation from the ova till giving birth on the child, painful intercourse could be a difficult stage for you to pass. In medical terms, it is recognized as dyspareunia leading to tearing, ripping, burning or aching sensation during penetration. This pain could occur on the vaginal opening or deep within the pelvis or anywhere else somewhere between. This could also be felt through the pelvic area and sexual organs.

Factors behind pain while having sex

1. The most common reason behind the irritation during intercourse is insufficient lubrication or arousal that can build a vicious circle ultimately causing a fear one of the woman. Women developing a hysterectomy or mastectomy could also face this problem with arousal due to the sensation of incompleteness. This could be treated with prompt and proper consultation whereby the doctor offers you lubrication methods that in turn will reduce discomfort.

2. Another factor for painful intercourse is drying and thinning of vaginal tissues when menopause begins amongst women. This takes place due to less manufacturing of the estrogen hormone that is required to keep vaginal tissue moist. painful, itchy and dry ultimately causing pain while having sex, as being the ability of the vagina to help make its own mucus tissues declines in order it gets dry.

3. Unintentional muscle spasms from the vagina, thighs and pelvis could also make penetration impossible and this stage is referred to as vaginismus that may develop from any of these mentioned factors or because of psychological factors. A victim of traumatic sexual experience or rape can also bring about vaginismus and as a result counseling can help a lot.

4. Most common factors behind painful intercourse is vaginal, pelvic infection or boils or cysts and boils, tumors, scars or whatever narrows the vagina, uterine tissue growing away from uterus with bleeding and pain, intact hymen, complications of any past surgery, diseases such as diabetes that affect the physical procedure for arousal or orgasm.

Any of the factors because of less lubrication may be overcome with methods like lubrication gels, estrogen creams or estrogen replacement therapy in pills.