Fungal Infection of The Vagina

Fungal Infection of The Vagina (vaginal Thrush)

Fungal infection of the vagina (vaginal thrush) can make itself noticeable as itching, burning, or discharge. In many women, the external genital organs such as the labia are inflamed. Sometimes a fungal infection of the vagina does not cause any symptoms at all.

In the case of vaginal thrush, yeasts have multiplied in the vagina and caused inflammation. Yeast infections, along with bacterial infections ( bacterial vaginosis ), are among the most common causes of inflammation of the vagina and the external genital organs.

In certain phases, women are particularly prone to a fungal infection of the vagina – for example during pregnancy. However, a weakened immune system and the use of certain medications can also increase the risk of vaginal thrush.

Often a short treatment with vaginal suppositories or creams is enough to let the fungal infection subside. Sometimes tablets are also useful.

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