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Deep Dyspareunia: Diagnosis, Causes and Treatment

Having a healthy sex life is not just about protecting yourself from sexually transmitted diseases and fostering intimacy. It is rather an intricate process that also involves recognizing when there are potential medical issues like dyspareunia, which means pain during sex.

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While pain during sex is quite prevalent in women, sometimes it could be a sign of more serious issues. This is especially the case for deep dyspareunia.

What is Deep Dyspareunia?

This refers to pain that is felt deep within the female genital organs during and after sex. It is especially felt with deep vaginal penetration. It differs from entry dyspareunia which is felt as penetration begins. Though painful intercourse can be caused by irritation, psychological issues, and other mild issues, it is mainly caused by serious underlying medical conditions.

It has one major symptom which is pain that is felt deep in the pelvis during and after sexual intercourse. Deep pain during or after sexual intercourse may result from a myriad of medical issues. Some of these include:

Scarring from Surgery

Surgery and other alternative therapies like cancer radiation therapies could lead to bands of scar tissues, called adhesions, in the female pelvic organs. These include the ovaries, cervix, bladder, uterus, and fallopian tubes. When adhesions are left unattended they could lead to serious infection, which could cause extreme pain while having sex.

Bacterial and other Microbial Infections

When the uterus, cervix, or fallopian tubes are infected, they get inflamed and form an abscess that contains pus in the genitalia. This could lead to pain during sex.

Growths and Retroversion

Tumors and cysts can grow in either of the pelvic organs which can cause endometriosis. Fibroids could also lead to a bent-backward uterus, which could cause extreme pain during sex.

Pelvic Muscle Hypertonicity

This refers to strong involuntary contractions of the pelvic muscles which could also cause deep pain in the pelvis during sex.

Other Medical Issues

Many other illnesses can cause this intense pain during sex. Some of these include Adenomyosis, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Hemorrhoids, Malfunction of an IUD, Intravaginal foreign bodies, and many others. To find out the exact cause of the pain, a medical examination is required.


A physical examination will first be carried out by a physician based on the location and description of pain. Additionally, a biopsy which is an examination of any abnormalities under a microscope will be carried out.

Depending on the results and description, more scans may be required, as well as urinary testing and rectal examinations. After thorough profiling, a doctor can then offer a well-informed diagnosis.


When the pain seems superficial, addressing psychological issues and engaging in better sexual positions can help. More specified treatment after medical issues are found requires antibiotics, surgery, therapy, and many other specified treatments to rectify the problem.

Sexual intercourse needs to offer mutual pleasure. When a woman experiences intense pain during sex,vshe should address it immediately, and her partner should be equally supportive to restore good health, sexual enjoyment, and confidence.