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Deep Dyspareunia: Diagnosis, Causes and Treatment

Having a wholesome intercourse life is not only about defending your self from sexually transmitted ailments and fostering intimacy. It’s slightly an intricate course of that additionally includes recognizing when there are potential medical points like dyspareunia, which suggests ache throughout intercourse.

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Whereas pain during sex is sort of prevalent in ladies, generally it may very well be an indication of extra severe points. That is particularly the case for deep dyspareunia.

What’s Deep Dyspareunia?

This refers to ache that’s felt deep throughout the feminine genital organs throughout and after intercourse. It’s particularly felt with deep vaginal penetration. It differs from entry dyspareunia which is felt as penetration begins. Although painful intercourse may be brought on by irritation, psychological points, and different delicate points, it’s primarily brought on by severe underlying medical circumstances.

It has one main symptom which is ache that’s felt deep within the pelvis throughout and after sexual activity. Deep ache throughout or after sexual activity could end result from a myriad of medical points. A few of these embrace:

Scarring from Surgical procedure

Surgical procedure and different various therapies like most cancers radiation therapies might result in bands of scar tissues, referred to as adhesions, within the feminine pelvic organs. These embrace the ovaries, cervix, bladder, uterus, and fallopian tubes. When adhesions are left unattended they may result in severe an infection, which might trigger excessive ache whereas having intercourse.

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Bacterial and different Microbial Infections

When the uterus, cervix, or fallopian tubes are contaminated, they get infected and type an abscess that accommodates pus within the genitalia. This might result in ache throughout intercourse.

Growths and Retroversion

Tumors and cysts can develop in both of the pelvic organs which may trigger endometriosis. Fibroids might additionally result in a bent-backward uterus, which might trigger excessive ache throughout intercourse.

Pelvic Muscle Hypertonicity

This refers to sturdy involuntary contractions of the pelvic muscular tissues which might additionally trigger deep ache within the pelvis throughout intercourse.

Different Medical Points

Many different diseases could cause this intense ache throughout intercourse. A few of these embrace Adenomyosis, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Hemorrhoids, Malfunction of an IUD, Intravaginal overseas our bodies, and lots of others. To search out out the precise explanation for the ache, a medical examination is required.


A bodily examination will first be carried out by a doctor based mostly on the placement and outline of ache. Moreover, a biopsy which is an examination of any abnormalities below a microscope will likely be carried out.

Relying on the outcomes and outline, extra scans could also be required, in addition to urinary testing and rectal examinations. After thorough profiling, a health care provider can then supply a well-informed prognosis.


When the ache appears superficial, addressing psychological points and interesting in higher sexual positions may help. Extra specified therapy after medical points are discovered requires antibiotics, surgical procedure, remedy, and lots of different specified remedies to rectify the issue.

Sexual activity wants to supply mutual pleasure. When a girl experiences intense ache throughout intercourse,vshe ought to handle it instantly, and her accomplice needs to be equally supportive to revive good well being, sexual enjoyment, and confidence.