If you have pain during intercourse then these are the positions for wow sex

If you have pain during intercourse then these are the positions for wow sex

There are many reasons why we may experience pain during vaginal intercourse and some of these are called vaginismus and vulvodynia, problems that can turn penetration into a nightmare – even when we are super horny and have gotten into lube. Sometimes, behind all this, you can hide a sexual trauma or even ‘ endometriosis, a condition in which the tissue that normally lines the uterus grows outside of it, causing unbearable pain in some cases.


Yes, we know, good sex is not just about penetration – there is also oral sex, caresses and so on – but it’s normal to want it anyway. What to do? No panic: there are angles of penetration and positions for those who feel pain during sex that you can try, even if the first step is always to consult a doctor to understand the nature of pain during intercourse.. Here we tell you about solutions that can potentially reduce, or even eliminate, the discomfort. As an example, women suffering from endometriosis typically have pain from deeper thrusts, so positions that limit depth of penetration are key – as confirmed by Cosmopolitan US Heather Jeffcoat, a physician experienced in painful sex . If this all sounds familiar to you, then try ASAP these five positions to avoid pain during sex (and maybe ask your gynecologist for advice too, ça va sans dire!).



Goddess position to reduce pain during sex

Speaking of alternative erotic activities that do not include penetration – which can become the outline of a hot evening dedicated to equally pleasurable practices – and whose goal is 100% enjoyment, the goddess position is ideal for those who feel pain during sex penetration. It involves the partner lying on her back, while we, squatting on top of her, masturbate her with gentle and deep massages outside the vagina (especially the clitoris). No pain, but top results. Seeing is believing.


Cowgirl position to reduce pain during penetration

She gets on top of him / her (who will be lying on her back) and controls the thrust with her legs bent. Thus, those who move can control (and manage to the maximum) the depth and speed of penetration / rubbing, as Carol Queen, expert sexologist explains. “Element for a bit of bonus comfort: we ask the partner to avoid pushing upwards so as to avoid traumatic blows and keep a rhythm as gentle as possible”. Adieu, discomfort!


Safe spoon position to avoid pain during sex

If the partner is very gifted, well it can cause painful sexual intercourse by hitting the cervix deeper, so dry, fast and violent thrusts are forbidden – the same thing goes for a strap-on or a vibrator. The spoon position is the ideal, cuddly, slow and gentle pain-free sex position – perfect for reaching even the clitoris and ensuring pleasure. In these cases, penis rings are also allies to avoid too deep penetrations.


Location of the Triangle Tower for those who have pain during sex

Classic doggy style is a super hot position, but it is excruciatingly painful for someone with endometriosis or pain during penetration. Give up? Never! A small modification is enough: we raise the hips as much as possible to prevent the penetration from being too deep. And that’s it.


Wall position for pain-free sex

How to overcome pain during sex? Let’s try to make love standing by leaning against a wall or something solid with your partner taking us from behind. As Isa Herrera, another expert explains: “Women with endometriosis tend to experience a lot of abdominal pain and to feel trigger points in the belly that can awaken pain during and after sex. Standing positions reduce pressure on the abdominal area and help to decrease pain “.

The watchword is always one: delicacy. Without compromises.

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