Foods that Can Harm Your Vagina

8 Foods that Can Harm Your Vagina

The vaginal flora is very sensitive, and these foods in particular can damage your vagina.

There are some foods that can have a bad impact on your most intimate parts – some even create a nasty smell! So that this doesn’t happen to you, here are some foods that can damage your vagina:

Strong smelling foods can change the smell of your vagina

… and no, unfortunately not for the better. First of all, a vagina has a special scent. You don’t have to smell like roses and every vagina smells slightly different. That is completely ok, there is absolutely no need to try to artificially change this smell in any way. However, it doesn’t hurt to know that some foods also affect the smell of our vaginas. These are foods that make our sweat smell different and stronger for a while: for example asparagus, garlic, and curry. If you are planning a romantic night with your loved one and you are uncomfortable with a strong-smelling vagina, it is advisable to avoid these foods at dinner.

Red meat also makes you smell stronger

Within two hours of consuming red meat, you may start sweating more heavily. Since sweat is also in the secretions of the vagina, it is possible that you smell stronger in the genital area if there was a juicy steak for lunch.

Exciting: a study from 2016 showed that men’s body odor is also perceived as differently attractive – depending on meat consumption! In the study, women were asked about the smell of men who gave up meat for a while. The women found their smell more attractive than that of men who continued to eat meat.


Sugar can make you more susceptible to bacterial infections

Many women are familiar with the annoying itching and burning sensation that is a clear sign of a yeast infection. Some women get such infections all the time, others very rarely. The causes of such an infection can be very diverse, taking antibiotics, for example, can trigger it, but consuming a lot of sugar can also be a reason.


Caffeine, alcohol, and sugar can irritate your bladder

If you often suffer from cystitis anyway, your doctor may have advised you not to consume these foods and beverages. If you just have to go to the bathroom a lot more often than you like, it may be that these goodies are causing it. Caffeine, alcohol, and chocolate can actually have diuretic effects.  If you have to go to the bathroom far too often, it can help to skip these foods for a while.

If your vaginal flora is very sensitive, it generally helps not to consume foods that are harmful to your vagina too often. Better to eat foods that are good for your vagina.

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